About us

Business idea

Facts: Your molds performance are essential for reaching a tight production schedule. Buttom line.

Sudden repairs or productions stop always have a critical & costly impact in the delivery performance of blades to the end-user (or finishing department). Specified knowledge & expertise in mold maintenance are often a missing resource – and quite often refurbs takes place in holiday seasons, where it´s difficult (and expensive) to aquire the right internal personnel. That´s why MouldProtec is here!

We come with a team of highly experienced workers. We make repairs, sanding, cleaning, sealing and apply release treatment. Your molds will be back in production to agreed time – while your own workers can have their holidays, and focus 100% on their key competence – producing Wind blades!


Ensure technical mould.prep. standards for windblade production environments Worldwide in combination with efficient tools and working methods securing time-savings and optimal performance!


To be the prefered external outsourcing partner and consultant within technical and practical execution & supervision in mould. prep. processing for Wind Turbine Blade manufacturing!