References & Business cases

Business cases

Reasons for using MouldProtec

Business Case 1

Due to a well-prepared treatment done by experienced people, your moulds are (suddenly) performing much better. Number of produced blades between refurbs has increased, and it has given an extra production output between 5-10 blades per mould per Quarter.

Business Case 2

Due to a big turnover among workers, it’s hard for each factory to find enough resources with the right skills and engagement on mould maintenance. Using our team of specialised workers for refurbs, your operators will focus on your keybusiness – producing blades. Avoid expensive overtime payments in Holidays, let your people have their Holidays, and let them come back with a fresh mindset.

Business Case 3

Imaging you can extend the lifetime of moulds by 20-30%. By having a mould maintenance in place which understands the surface reactions, implementing preventive actions, using the correct tools and products to minimize stress during production cycles, and trains your employees for daily touch-up, your ROI for each mould will improve significantly. A new blade-mould easily has a cost <2 mill. Eur. – so it matters if your mould can produce 1500 instead of “just” e.g., 750 blades in a lifetime.